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Customer feedback

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers

I have been working with Jürgen Gauss for the last 25 years or so. The field is laboratory (benchtop) instruments for research and/or for medical diagnostic use. Some projects were “just” translations, others were much more: We asked him to write new user manuals from scratch. He is exceeding expectations: even if the briefing from our side was not complete or accurate in every respect, he identifies (or suggests) the content which is most suitable in the context Communication is great – I used personal meetings, phone, e-mail. He anticipates my needs and makes communication easy. Value for money: I get more from using him than doing it with own staff. It is a long time since I asked for competitive quotes because I always relied on him and his offer seems fair. As with every new partner – start with a small project and find out if you like it.

Dr. Anselm Berthold, Business Unit Manager Bioanalytics, Berthold Technologies

Our first contract with Dr. Gauss was dated 'Spring 2008' and since then he's serving as our translation contractor. He serves as our translator for several kinds of documents – as for administrational, financial, regulatory, medical and technical purposes. We are very pleased with the service provided, as we always get an immediate response on our requests and successive receive an estimated delivery date for the translation in question. In 98 % of all cases these delivery dates were finally true. The value for money can be judged very positively and it is a really reliable partnership with this contractor.

Barbara Schaefer, Technical Publication, Varian Medical Systems Particle Therapy GmbH

We have been working together with Gauss Translations in the field of translations for several years now. This mainly concerns European languages in the fields of marketing and multimedia. Our experience: reliable, linguistically flawless and always on time.

Werner Vogt, Managing director, Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH

The cooperation with Gauss Translations is always very good. Friendly, fast, uncomplicated and reliable – no matter whether it's a short text or multi-page documents.

Natalie Bless, Organization & Marketing, Board of Directors, FactoryXperts International AG

We have 2 companies, S.E.A. GmbH and MED Nuklear-Medizintechnik Dresden GmbH. Both companies are developing and manufacturing radiation measuring instruments. With S.E.A. we supply to Nuclear Power Plants, customs and civil defence, scrap and recycling yards and various customers from whom nobody expects them to need this kind of instrumentation, for example BMW (to control electronic components from Japan). With our MED product line, we are focused on Nuclear Medicine, PET centres and radiopharmaceutical production companies. Here we deal with Bayer, GE, Siemens, various university hospitals and – a special situation in Germany – approx. 600 nuclear medicine practices. The cooperation with Gauss Translations started through MED (medical sector), it was before I started here but it must have been somewhere in the 90’s. With S.E.A. we have been working together since approx. 18 years now. Dr. Gauss is responsible for the translation of our product documentation, in the first place, user’s manuals, which mostly concern 100 – 200 pages per instrument, and including our customized (unique) solutions I think we have approx. 50-70 products. The main part of those are standard products and produced for many years, which means that the user’s manuals are frequently updated (2-3 times per year). The translations of these updates are also done by Gauss Translations. Beside user’s manuals, Dr. Gauss also translates our brochures and catalogues. With MED we also provide instruments which are classified as a Medical Device. You can imagine that the quality of the supplied product documentation is an essential factor in that case, finally these instruments are applied to patients. Up to now we haven’t had any complaint or discussion about this, neither with our customers nor with the controlling bodies (TÜV). Furthermore, being a rather small company (approx. 35 persons), we often work “just in time”. This means that the texts for translations are also supplied just in time. With Dr. Gauss we work on a basis of mutual benefit: He knows that we always pay the invoices immediately, therefore we know that we can count on him if there is another urgent translation to be done. We can only recommend this company as a convenient and reliable long-term partner.

NUVIA Instruments GmbH