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Gauss Translations, a translation service specializing in the translation of texts from German into English and from English into German, offers a wide range of services.

Professional translations into other languages can also be provided through close cooperation with long-term partners. Most translation projects in the language pair German/English are carried out by in-house translators.

For larger translation projects, we have access to a network of freelance translators. This means that we are very flexible and can carry out large translation projects within the given time frame – in German and English as well as in many other languages.

To provide technical translations that are accurate and faithful to the original text, it is important to know the necessary terms and to reproduce them correctly.

To do this, we not only use your company literature, but also talk to the authors of the original document, the device or software developers, the marketing managers or get instructed by your specialist on site on how to operate a complete system. This ensures that our translations meet the highest standards and guarantees a high level of consistency with the client's terminology and style.

You can also benefit from our many years of translation experience in the fields of medicine, business and law. Put contracts, lawyer's letters, tender documents, medical reports, stock market or annual reports, websites, business correspondence, etc. in our hands with confidence.

Scientific translations are another speciality of Gauss Translations. Recently, we have translated the book Micro-Manufacturing Technologies and Their Application for KIT Scientific Publishing into German.

Dr. Jürgen Gauss is your personal contact

Large team of specialists – individual customer care

Together with our team, we translate highly specialized texts from the fields of biotechnology, process control, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, electrical engineering, medical technology, nuclear medicine, particle therapy, proton accelerators, radiation protection, environmental protection, laboratory diagnostics, quality assurance, multi-media, logistics – for well-known customers worldwide.

Feel free to send us your inquiry or call us on +49 7248 934800 to discuss your translation project and your specific requirements. Dr. Jürgen Gauss and his team are happy to hear from you.

Exact and efficient

Translation process

Each translation project starts with an evaluation of the text: Scope of translation, type of text, field of expertise, language pair (source language/target language(s), etc. Then the project is assigned to a team of two professional translators: the first translator translates the document and the second reviews the translation for accuracy and readability. Each translation is proofread twice: first, by the translator and second, by the editor assigned to this project.

At Gauss Translations, we believe that the best way to provide translations that are accurate and otherwise faithful to the original is to familiarize ourselves with the „professional world“ and „language“ of the client.

To acquire the necessary technical terms and ensure a high level of consistency in terminology and style, we study the available operating manuals, brochures, other related literature and tools provided by the client (e.g. terminology database).

We also speak with the authors of the original text, with the designers of the instrument or software in question, and with those who are at the selling end. This can all be done via telephone, e-mail or, whenever possible, even in person. For new projects, we also ask our client to give us an introduction to the operation of a complete system on-site. In this way we can ensure that our translations meet the highest standards.


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